GM Family First

GM takes care of its employees and their family members by offering the GM Family First program. This program offers great deals, regional incentives, and discount pricing on many of the great new vehicles GM has to offer.

General Motors produces Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac so there are many new cars and trucks to choose from when shopping for a new GM.

If you aren’t a member of the GM Family First program don’t worry! GM has plenty of great incentives and discounts that it offers to every new buyer.

Chevrolet is currently offering $1,500 cash back or 3.9% APR financing for up to 60 months as well as special discounted lease terms on many of its new cars and trucks.

Buick offers up to $2,000 cash back or 0% APR financing for up to 60 months on many new cars and trucks.

GMC has several deals to offer including discounted lease pricing as well as loyalty rewards that offer up to $1,000 bonus cash or 0% APR financing on many vehicles. They also offer special financing discounts that can add up to $5,505 in value savings for some models.

Cadillac has great low lease prices as well as 1.9% APR financing for up to 36 months on new models.

These deals and incentives can help you save thousands on your new GM purchase.

Taking Advantage

It is important to understand that most dealerships offer one or the other when it comes to cash back and discounted APR financing. So you need to assess what is more important to you when it comes to the incentive you choose.

Cash back delivers a cash rebate back to your pocket once you buy a vehicle. This money can be used however you see fit so you are given the flexibility of using the money the way you want to. Low APR financing rates determine the amount of interest you pay when financing your purchase through the dealership. The lower the APR rate, the lower you pay on your monthly payments.

If you do not plan on financing your new vehicle purchase through a GM dealership then obviously you will want to take advantage of the cash back offer, as the low APR financing rates will not apply to you. However, if financing through the dealership is something you are considering, and then low APR financing is a great way to decrease how much you end up paying for the new car or truck.

Request a free, no obligation price quote now on any new GM model to receive extensive pricing details as well as hidden deals and incentives being offered by dealerships in your area.

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