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Are you in the market for a new car, truck or SUV and want to make sure that you are getting the best deal available? Then you need to know what car buying discounts are available on the models that you’re interested in. Knowing the available car buying discounts being offered to you can be the difference between a regular offer and a great deal!

Car manufacturers usually offer several discounts to the dealers to help reward them for pushing their merchandise and to make it easier to maintain high stock levels. One of these discounts is the dealer holdback. The holdback is 2-3% of the MSRP or dealer invoice price, it is an amount which is built into the price of the vehicle that the dealer charges the consumer. The manufacturer then returns this holdback to the dealer once the vehicle is sold, offsetting the cost of the car to the dealership. It’s important to know that while the dealer does not have to share any of this holdback with you, they may be willing to part with some of their savings if it means selling you the car.

Car buying discounts can also come in the form of rebates and incentive offers which constitute cash back, bonus cash and special low financing deals. Oftentimes cash back offers can be used towards your down payment, which will help save you money on the overall purchase price of the vehicle. If you have good credit you may qualify for 0% or low APR financing, which will help reduce the amount you would pay in interest over your auto loan, saving you money. is a great place to look to get the factory invoice prices and available discount offers on a wide range of vehicles being sold by dealerships in your area. Get started on uncovering great deals today!

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